Day Eleven: Taking Stock

So here we are at the morning of Day Ten, more or less.  Eleven, if we must be technical.  Overall, I am pleased with how the changes are coming along.  I’m averaging 1695 net calories intake out of 1790 a day, and exercising enough to count about every other day.  I doubled my calories burned per week to 600 and minutes doing it to 60, but in reality it will take me longer to do the 600, which about half of what I’ve done in five days’ counting, as I am moving fairly slowly and I am being conservative in crediting myself the burn values.

Other things are coming together as well.  I’ve had a chronic ‘stuff’ problem since I was a kid.  Like my weight, holding onto things that gave me joy and defiantly spreading them around me in my room was one of my ongoing micro-rebellions against being swept along in a tide of others’ demands.  My mother studied interior design as well as accounting in college, and though the accounting skills served her better financially, she craved neatness and the clean lines of 1960s Shaker and Ethan Allen Colonial furniture.  I can’t say I blame her, but back in the day I was a hard-headed kid who wanted a space and things of her own, which was right out to our parents’ way of thinking.  Fifty years later, Bryan and I have lived in one building longer than I have lived in one place in all the rest of my life.  We have furniture enough and then some, and I have my own room and stuff to put in it that is mine to keep or toss as I choose.  The delight as I jettison things is fading as I finally feel I have enough stability to discard the things that do not serve me instead of worrying whether I should keep something against disaster or pass it on to someone else who may need it.  Right now, for instance, one extra potato peeler is enough, as are one extra can opener and two variations on bottle openers divided between the kitchen drawers and a storage bin we keep to catch the excess that may eventually be tossed or passed on.  Gradually, one work sprint at a time, a couple hundred calories burned in the process, I’m unhooking the anchors that kept me from losing myself then but now mostly hold me in place when I need to move and prepare for other, more satisfactory challenges ahead.


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